Most of the people of Prentil believe in all of the gods, but many pay particular heed and homage to a god of their preference. The people of the city of Slogat are particularly religious and follow a special religious calendar in which they dedicate several weeks of the year to the worship of each god. Monuments and churches dedicated to one or two or many of the gods can be found throughout the land. The priests that maintain these temples accept tithings from the people in exchange for passing messages along to the gods. This is done through tithing fires. Messages, requests, and apologies are written down and then burned in special ceremonies. Some priests, particularly in Vridhan, charge extra for special files that are believed to be more likely to reach the gods.

Temp’iri – Goddess of the Sea.
Most often depicted as a beautiful but jealous lover. The waters around Prentil are extremely violent and teeming with unnatural spirits. No one has been able to successfully sail away from Prentil and return since the founders first ship wrecked here centuries ago. It is believed that Temp’iri wants to keep the Prentil people to herself and will not ever let them leave.

Bentlorian – God of Beasts.
Depicted as an old man with a sheppards crook, he is the keeper of all living creatures, including man. He is gentle, kind, and wise. The followers of Bentlorian wear a sheppards crook pendant. Usually, the crook is made from woven grass or twigs.

Anastar – God of Sky and Weather.
Depicted as a immensely powerful man. He is seen as being peaceful and kind, but has a wild, uncontrollable temper that is devistating when unleashed. Anastar’s unpredictable temper is believed to be the cause of Wraithwail storms that plague the mountains near Vridhan.

Fer’oga – God of Life and Death.
Most often depicted as a small child, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl, sometimes both or neither. The child is seen as being
playful, irrational and quite often wicked. Few people worship Fer’oga.

Roggo – God of Land.
Father of Bentlorian and Anastar, he is seen as an elderly, yet powerful man. He is thought to be peaceful, content and unmoving. Most farmers and builders worship Roggo. They pay tribute to him through offers of salt and wine tossed to the ground before they undertake any building or digging project.

Dai’Denn – Mother of all Things, Goddess of the Sun.
Second of the trio of sisters consisting of Temp’iri, Dai’Denn, and Epsca, Dai’Denn is said to be too beautiful to behold. She is ever watchful, but does not intrude on the lives of her children. Dai’Denn has many worshippers, and her followers most often adorn themselves with images of the sun. There are two complete solar eclipses that occur each year, so many of her followers may also use the image of the eclipsed sun. Maeye is a follower of Dai’Denn and has a tattoo of the sun on her left hip and the eclipsed sun on her right.

Epsca – Goddess of the Moon.
Epsca is beautiful, alluring, and playful. She represents love, happiness, and mischief. It is seen as taboo to worship Epsca, so most of her open followers live in Foyyt, but she has secret worshipers throughout the land.

Slo’Gha – The God of Judgement
In general, the people of Stennar believe in reincarnation – meaning they believe that their souls are eternal and they live many, many lives in succession. Slo’Gha is the ruler of the afterlife, and his judgement decides the fate of souls of the departed. He is a distant, fearful god who remains shrouded in misty cloaks, never to be seen by mortal man. Slo’Gha weighs the deeds and wrongs of the life of the recently deceased, and directs their souls to their next life. If the deceased had lived a wicked life, they can expect misery and pain in their next life. Those who have lived a virtuous life will be rewarded.